Energy Law Journal, Volume 37, No.2 (2016)


President’s Message
Editor-in-Chief’s Page
Judge Judith Dowd Memoriam
Harkaway Memoriam


State Constitutional Limitations on the Future of California’s Carbon Market  P. 219
Andy Coghlan & Danny Cullenward

Protecting Low-Income Ratepayers as the Electricity System Evolves P. 265
Adrienne L. Thompson

Energy Bar Association Panel Regarding “The Court Has Spoken: What Does It All Mean?”  P. 307

Israel’s Energy Resource Management Policy: Lesson for Small Markets. P. 331
Brenda Shaffer

Energy Derivatives: Which Country (U.S. or U.K.) Provides the Best Customer Asset Protections to an Energy Trading Firm if Its Brokerage Firm/Counterparty Files for Bankruptcy?. P. 351
Ronald H. Filler

The Case for Reforming Net Metering Compensation: Why Regulators and Courts Should Reject the Public Policy and Antitrust Arguments for Preserving the Status Quo   P. 373
Harvey L. Reiter & William Greene

The Politics of U.S. Oil Pipelines: The First Born Struggles to Learn from the Clever Younger Sibling. P. 409
Jeff D. Makholm & Laura T. W. Olive

Book Reviews

The Green and the Black By Gary Sernovitz  P. 429
The Dominio Effect By E. Russell Braziel   P. 429
Reviewed by William A. Mogel

Light Out By Ted Koppel P. 433
Reviewed by Jonathan D. Schneider


Farmers Fight: Texas Eminent Domain and the 2015 Texas Rice II Case   P. 445
J. Zachary Williams

Committee Reports

The Reports of the Energy Bar Association Committees are published online on the EBA’s website at Included in the full electronic version of the Energy Law Journal, Volume 37, No. 2, are the following reports:

Natural Gas Committee

Environmental Regulation Committee

FERC Practice Committee

Oil & Liquids Committee

Power Generation & Marketing Subcommittee

System Reliability, Planning, & Security Committee

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